Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19-Photoblog

Luna at Carr Park
This morning I was thinking of my dear friend W- some time ago she sent out a challenge to photograph a sampler of your day. I was heading out for a hike that day, so my photoblog turned out very nice, full of Eldorado Canyon scenery and flowers. Well, I decided to do it again today.

This is a fairly typical Monday with freelance work but no job searching. Here we are in the little park close to home. It is the first day of school and the street was packed, but I'm not photographing that chaos as I don't want to worry about permissions and such.

Sherlock has breakfast
Gray at KT's
Then I headed out to the stable. I worked Sherlock a little, cleaned his hooves, and bathed him with apple cider vinegar. It did help the itchiness, but it's not repelling flies. I didn't take my phone to the bathing area, so no pics of Sherlock biting the hose. He had his breakfast and a drink of water, then back to the corral with the ponies. He is starting to stand up to the smallest ones now, at least for food and to meet me at the gate.

Picked Luna up and went to lunch with Gray at KT's BBQ, we like to eat there Mondays as they have excellent Mac & Cheese on Monday.

Going to hike
Teller Farm
Took Luna over to Teller Farm for a short hike. Very close to KT's and to my old workplace. Hot out (high 80's) but I let her get down in the irrigation ditch for a drink.

I like this hiking trail as it's flat and easy with paths through tall grass. The minus is very little shade.

Then I stopped in at the bank and headed home to work. I am taking notes on an audio program that will come out later in the year with author Danielle LaPorte.

Ezio awakens
My desk!

What passes for breaktime- a quick trip to the backyard with Luna, and the dwarf-slayer to tackle some of the dandelions popping up. Then some laundry - here are the 4 loads that are clean from yesterday. I am good about doing laundry but not so much on the folding and putting away.

Gray's home, it must be dinnertime! No pictures of pork chops and stuffing- but here is a screencap from my fave game on my phone, Dragonvale. All my shiny gemstone dragons!


And now that dinner is done, reading aloud to each other from Blood of Tyrants until bedtime. I love these books, they are about the Napoleonic Wars but if there was an aerial corps made up of dragons.

Candi and Temeraire
Good Night!

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