Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 9- Ride #4, voice from the past

VERY interesting conversation Thursday on FB.

Someone recognized Sherlock's racing name and asked if he came from Mountaineer. She had been looking for a lesson prospect but the trainer thought he was too volatile. He flipped backwards in the stall and hit his head on the concrete. He was showing signs of neurological damage and went blind in one eye. They were considering euthanasia at the time.

So this must have been in March when he stopped racing. This makes a lot of sense to me, it fits with the pressure resistance he shows. I am even more impressed that he still trusts anyone at all and has dealt so well with being blinded.

I was actually a bit anxious Friday going out to ride, but I just made it as normal a day as possible. Grooming, extra work on the feet, flyspray. Saddled up English and put the bit and bridle on. We walked to the car and got Luna, off to the arena where I left Luna in the shade, and then the round pen. Worked on the line a bit getting him to move his front end over when reversing, then I re-set the saddle (Not getting bitten re-tightening it) and got on.

One side of the round pen had been shifted, so this day when I was more conscious than ever about stumbling and missteps was full of them, as one side of the pen was deeper footing than usual. Still he walked well, quickly settling into a full-pen circle. I worked on a strong walk and trotted both directions, and tightened the girth while in the saddle. Whoa is coming along better.

I am so glad my Sherlock is here and safe, that he trusts me and doesn't fight me. I am so thankful that this 'throwaway horse' is mine.

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