Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13- Settling In

Sherlock is getting used to things at the new stable- I've been there every day giving him his grain, moving hay into multiple piles in the paddock, strolling the grounds, and doing a some very light work in the round pen. Today we gave up on the "tough horses" paddock and moved Sherlock to the "pony and old-timer" paddock.

He looks better settled already- drinking a lot. He did trot the fenceline a bit at first but came for a mint. He outran them easily when the herd wanted to greet him.
 Of course the first day he arrived I walked him to the paddock on the rockiest road on the place, and he bruised his sole and chipped a front hoof as well. So he's a bit footsore- I need to find my sole-toughener stuff...

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