Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14- Pony pasture

Stable Manager A called and said she'd like to move Sherlock to the pony/oldtimer pasture, as he was still getting chased off both hay and water. I headed right out and we moved him. Still very avoidant of the other horses, but his corner to hide in this time includes the waterer.

Poor Sherlock is sure that everyone is out to get him. He was improved today, though. The ponies like to wander together down to the other end of the pasture to work on the weeds, and while they are away, Sherlock gets the hay pile to himself.

When I went out this morning, they were just moving off and Sherlock was creeping into the edge of the hay. I brought my brush box in and groomed him while he ate, then gave him his grain (I mixed carrot bits in, and he avoided them). I decided to give him the day off from the little walks and light lunging of the week.

He followed me along the fenceline and waited while the tiniest pony drank, then he drank. The pony came back and he let the pony drink from the side of the waterer he wanted, while he drank from the other. Still giving way to the Shetland, but not as scared anymore.

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