Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24- ride #6 &weekly wrap-up

Where did the week go? Thank you, training journal.

Monday we had Bath Day- sponged with apple cider vinegar, which is helping the hives go away. Also started groundtie training for hoof cleaning, just in case of balance loss.  Safer to be away from fences and tie rails.
Tuesday we explored the grounds a bit further. We found the hay barn and behind it the hay fields and the pond. There are dirt roads to ride on back there but we didn't go too far. The pond was showing off with Canadian Geese, lots of dragonflies and even a blue heron.

Wednesday, ride #6. Just walking, but using the whole round pen. Nice medium walk today. Sherlock started swishing his tail and then stomping and I emergency dismounted to shoo away a big fly keen on his sheath. How rude. I rubbed a handful of SWAT on the area and re-mounted for a few more minutes. Good whoa today. Holding up well to ponies,  but the old horse wouldn't let him drink so I moved the old fellow for a minute so Sherlock could have a nice long drink.
I have realized that Sherlock hates fabrics that are not natural. He does very well in the wool felt pad  but the fake felt one he tried to roll with me! So I'm looking for a used leather bridle and found a wool felt English pad. The riser pad should fit between the saddle pad and the saddle, so it won't touch him.

Thursday just groomed and gave him his grain. Gave grain next to grain storage trailer, anxious about trailer but went to bucket when he saw it. Riser and Cool Calories arrived in the evening.

Friday very muddy! A said he might have slipped in the mud, maybe with the right front, which is the one he always puts forward when he lowers he head for anything. Fed in barn aisle (first day Cool Calories, I am not at ALL paranoid about driving to the stable with a big ziploc of white powder so I stored it there) and scraped the majority of the mud off so fly spray could be put on. Free longed Sherlock in indoor arena w/t just to see if he was sore but he looked okay.

Saturday woke up with screaming sinus headache! DayQuil and Cold Season tea and went out a little later than usual. Lots of riders getting tuned up for a show. Gave Sherlock his grain in paddock since everyone else was out working. Ponies are Annie and Tooie (the mini). Groomed the rest of the mud off and got it out of his mane, ACV on hives and put on the fly sheet.
 I went out to the outdoor arena as lessons were switching out. Ground work with squeeze game, he was trying to circle behind me towards the gate so I made a barrier of the swinging rope- he got hit just once, and then was a little anxious but careful, and we used that impulsion to get a decent sideways game both directions. Then we worked on "stand" while we watched the lesson horses get started, and went for a walk around the barn and back to the paddock. I now give him a handful of fresh grass or alfalfa if I was able to pick some, every time I put him away. He is slowly getting more willing to go back in the paddock.

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