Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept. 11- Ride #8, +mud

Another mostly unproductive week. Super hot and humid, and then pouring rain and muddy.

Sherlock is getting a big scoop of Strategy every day, with 2 little scoops of Cool Calories and handful of ground flaxseed- he really cleans it up with the flaxseed in it.

He likes rolling in the mud- I think most sensitive skin types do- it keeps the flies off. G won the "what % of horse is covered with mud today" bet last time with a guess of 65%, which turned out to be a lowball. I've decided he should wear his fly sheet when it rains- fly spray just washes off, and the sheet keeps some of the mud off.

September 4 we did ground work. Sherlock had a whole week off with no workouts, just grooming and feed. I was not sure how energetic he'd be. He was squirmy while grooming so I free-longed at a trot just a minute then came back to clean his hooves with no trouble. We walked the outdoor arena, including me dragging in a couple little brushboxes and him walking over them and trying to eat the fake flowers. Tried to have him trot with me on the lead line, but nothing doing. Got a nice strong walk, though.

Ride #8, September 6. HOT. Groomed, free-longed just a bit and decided to try the indoor just to get into the shade. Trying out hackamore today. Walked the edges then mounted up- itchy today behind the girth on left side, hopefully just a bug bite and not a suggestion that I replace my fake-fleece girth. Uncertain of footing, walked calmly gate to gate at first then gradually circled out to include the whole ring. He was very interested in the window of the side door, tended to get right down into the corners where the footing is deep and stick there. Just walking and taking our time, he's curious about things and I enjoy letting him explore at his own rate. Too hot to get ambitious about anything at all. Still he's very calm and thinking hard about the new sights.

Barn was closed for the weekend for a clinic, just came out and fed him in the mornings.
We went to the Scottish Festival and had a great time except that G got knocked down by some guy  moving too fast for his sobriety level when we were listening to Albannach. G was a bit dizzy for a minute, and we headed home shortly after that. Looks like a mild concussion and his neck is s bit out of place. Chiropractor is working on it and G is improving quite a bit already.

Sept 9, Sherlock was out at the far end of paddock with 3 smallest ponies, hanging out. Good to see him getting some social time. Hurried in when called, even trotting to be sure he beat everyone to me.  Fed by trailers and worked on faster walk on leadline. Manager T told me during the rainy evening the ponies hid in the shelter while Sherlock ate all the hay he could get for about an hour before they realized he was eating and they weren't, and braved the rain. 


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