Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sept 29- Massage, Ride #10

So Thursday was a really busy day and I just fed Sherlock in the paddock, hiding behind the shelter again. No new bites.

Friday morning at was cold and starting to rain, so I rushed out and put the blanket on Sherlock. He was shivering but working on his hay in good spirits. The 2-horse paddock opened up and they moved Goldie, Blackie and Charlie over there. Which leaves Sherlock with two of the smallest ponies, Annie and Tooie the mini. He was still the only one outside the shelter. I don't know if he minds the rain less than they do, or is just hungrier. Gave him a bran mash with last 1/3 of the wormer. They said he got 12 pounds of alfalfa/grass hay today. That should help. No new bites, and I didn't see any bites on the ponies.

Friday was a bad day, overall. G was sick and came from work early, my blood pressure was high at the doctors so they switched my pills again. I've got an appointment Monday at my primary doctor for another check. Started diet diary again and bought DASH diet foods- blueberries, yams, bananas.

feed me

Saturday took the blanket off before it started to warm up and gave Sherlock some hand-grazing before the massage therapist arrived. She came to do a basic free exam but ended up doing a full-body massage. Sherlock was very ouchy but we found some really nice relaxing spots to add to the litany of places that hurt. Very light pressure all over, sensitive, allowed her to stretch front legs but anxious about the back legs. Nice to meet her and I hope to have her back later on.

Sunday groomed in the barn at the cross-ties, Sherlock was very good for hind feet. Learning to just rest them so I can clean them without grabbing onto them at all. Western saddle with cushion for my sore tailbone (and the stirrups wrapped for silence). Went out to outdoor arena, mounted with minimal wandering and tightened girth from up top. Boy, he's tall in the Western saddle. 
    Walking mostly at the South end where people were feeding horses and talking. Very interested in the goings-on today. Worked on steering through corners (it's rockier down in the corners, so this is a clue for him to stay out on the rail), moving forward from leg pressure even when we don't want to, his whoa was very good today, and turns on the forehand. Untacked him in the round pen, taught carrot stretches to both sides, and took him back to paddock where he had his grain. Gaining weight clearly now.

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