Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sept 19- Ride #9, health care

Saddle fitting better!
On Tuesday, I got my riser pad replacement from SmartPak. After cleaning Sherlock up and struggling with his very tense hind legs- it's like trying to lift a post some days- I put the saddle and new pads on to take a look. It still looked a tad high in back but pretty good. Stable Manager AW came and watched me mount up and ride a few circles, gauged the saddle pretty level, and headed back to work. Hackamore NOT enough today with Sherlock trying to follow her rather than circle. Packed my breast collar and sidepull rope halter for next time.

Wednesday M the farrier came. He was still pretty bad with the back legs but slowly improving. Embarassingly bad condition- he's a bit thin and all bitten up, at least no hives.

Thursday Dr. D the horse chiropractor came. I haven't seen her in many a year but she's still going strong. She said Sherlock's balance was passable, his bad eye does have some vision, and he has a LOT of sore areas that need adjusting. Both hips (he would not pick up his hind feet fort her), SI joint, L6 rib, TI girth joint, withers, most of his neck and his poll were very sore. He stood quite well for the adjustments, though he was very nippy and twitchy.
I asked about the low-current massager and she said ANY sort of massage, reiki, laser, anything could help if done regularly to loosen him up. I wonder if my friend E who is quite good at animal massage, could teach me a few things more.

Very light sideways game afterwards, and a little walking, then gave him his grain. I met a gal who will be mving her horses in soon who jumps, and would also like to do hunter paces and join the Arapahoe Hunt someday. I hope we can ride together soon!

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