Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sept 25- trade you a pound

My mudball
Not much going on this week- Sherlock is putting on a few pounds and I have also grabbed on to a couple, due to not getting much exercise. ALL the hiking trails and many parks are closed due to the flooding, so I've been walking a little farther in the neighborhood and taking Luna to the dog park.

I had a slip in the mud compounded by Sherlock's problematically heavy hind foot and landed on my tailbone. Ugh. No riding this week. I realized I do have a 'tushcush' someplace, I need to find it.

Saturday I got Sherlock out and groomed him and cleaned his feet on the cross-ties in the barn. Also did light stretches for hind legs. NO new bites today! A first!  Lunged walk in outdoor arena, walked over slightly-raised flowery poles.

Where did I put that feed?

Sunday I felt horrible and I just fed him, did some beginning massage on his back and hips, and measured Sherlock's hooves for Easyboots of some kind. There are so many types now,  I am astounded. So different from 10 years ago.

Monday I weighed both types of feed, they are very close in weight. I'm doing half-and-half trying to get him switched to the Healthy Edge version. Sherlock can have a scoop and a half at each feeding and it would be a good idea for me to come some evenings as well as mornings, I think. Gave 1/3 tube of wormer in the grain today- he ate the tastier parts first but he did finish it all. He always flings part of it on the ground and then cleans it up gradually afterwards. I think I might buy some psyllium pellets to help the sand move through without discomfort for the horse.

Tuesday he was covered in mud. So much mud in his mane, when he moves it sounds like bells. Fed behind the shelter. Went out in the evening after G left for his writer's group. Very buggy in paddock, so took Sherlock to the round pen for his West Nile Virus vaccine and another grain meal. Almost out of natural fly spray- doesn't seem to be helping much for mosquitoes. Just a pretty day- saw 2 bald eagles on my way to work, and then a super sunset tonight seen from the indoor arena. Could not get a photo, maybe with a better camera than the one in my phone.

Wednesday Luna joined me at the stable, her first time off-leash.  I took Sherlock to the round pen and fly sprayed, groomed some of the mud off, and cleaned his feet and stretched them all very slightly. Gave him 1/3 wormer in the grain again and he didn't complaint so much today. Trainer AM was feeding her guys a bit of grain when I headed back to the paddock, so Sherlock got to hand-graze a minute or two while we chatted.

E has brought one of her horses, the youngster Fifi, and a BUNCH of jumps. I am very excited to get Sherlock in shape to try them out. She is moving from HT, which was the other stable I saw the day I toured CE. Glad I chose this place or I might be moving again already.

Packing List:
Tush cushion for saddle
fly spray if any left of other bottle
rider's rasp

Shopping List:
brown Vetwrap for silencing Western stirrups
fly spray
psyllium pellets

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