Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sept 15- more rain

The blanket fits! Sherlock is now clad in Sirah's old wool-felt-lined rain sheet, the BEST most flexible useful blanket I have ever seen. I cannot believe it was a 72 after all. Sirah wore it on the smallest holes and Sherlock has it on the largest, but boy that saves me a lot of worry- and money! This is a great rain sheet or light winter blanket, you can put it on wet like I did today, as the felt soaks up water from the hair coat. Last time I took it in for washing they said this blanket isn't made anymore but people love it. Sorry, it is NOT for sale- at any price, today.

I was planning on going out to groom, try the blanket, and clean hooves, try to get his legs hosed down and sprayed to help protect from scratches. First thing in the morning. During breakfast it started pouring rain. Packed blanket (OMG does that tag say 72?) and a stack of junker towels in the car. Geared up again but somehow put on tennis shoes instead of boots.

When I got there it was raining so hard I cheated and parked in the driveway of the house, where the gravel is more solid. Slogged to the paddock (darn these beach shoes and their mesh sides it was freezing) and ducked in- round bale in the paddock, no horses visible- must all be in the shelter. Called to them and walked around- Sherlock has his whole back end hanging out of the shelter. I moved Charlie, the boss the the paddock, over and Sherlock came in. He didn't want to be toweled but I just went on despite the head shaking and stomping. Once I threw the blanket on Shelock settled down a bit, just stomping over the positioning of the leg straps. Then I gave him lots of scratches on the neck which are always welcome.

I don't know if he can hold his position in the shelter since I left, but at least if he gets kicked out again, now he's protected some. 3333333de Ezio is climbing over the keyboard to my lap, I see it is time to pet cats. Wish us luck with the continuing heavy rain. We are still fine but watchful today as the rain continues.

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