Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 16- drying out

Went out to the stable after lunch today to give everything a chance to dry, just started to get some sun in late morning.

Very pleased with the footing of both arenas and the round pen- the paths leading to them are still deep and slick, though. Water pressure was low, so I half-filled a bucket of water for washing. Sherlock was hidden behind the big round bale of hay but came happily to the gate to be haltered and slithered gamely through the mud to the round pen.

I got the blanket off, but Sherlock was restless and wandered the round pen while I followed him wielding the bucket and sponge. His hind legs were both very stocked up so I decided he needed to walk a lot more than he needed to stand for me. He wandered then stopped for weeds and I'd go after the mud with the sponge then.  I ran out of water with only his legs clean so went back for more water, gradually getting him DRY, relatively mud-free, his hooves cleaned, and his heels and back sprayed against scratches. Footing not really secure for hoof cleaning but got the basics done.

Found some new bites on the blind side that got scarlet oil and fly-ointment, otherwise he really looks good for living in a federal disaster zone. Weight-taped 861#, not so bad considering last week he was at 874#. Ate all his grain very greedily today. Free-longed just a few minutes at the walk, better to the right today and got some nice stretchy relaxed walk. He took a new Omega Nibbler treat after a test nibble.

Very happy with the day. Left a semi-clean, dry, fed, medicated horse standing the the middle of a hay bale munching away.

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