Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4- Pasturemates

Got Sherlock's win photo! This is his only win, at Pimlico. I may also be able to get video of him at the Keeneland yearling sale, which would be pretty cool.

Anyway, this week has been really busy so not much work with the horse. Monday I went to the doctor and she was not as concerned over my blood pressure. I did start working towards the DASH diet, but didn't get much exercise this week... Sherlock was doing well but one of E's horses got badly bitten in the riding horse pasture.

Tuesday Sherlock looked very stiff on his right hind so I massaged him a bit and fed in the paddock. New pasturemate Max the Appaloosa, I didn't even know he was in there as he was hiding behind the shelter. More new horses running in the painted horse pasture, new stable manager arrived. E knows him from HT, I hope he will be ok.

Wednesday all peaceful in the pasture, no new bites on anybody- I gave everyone a light brushing just to check.

Thursday peaceful in pasture! Everyone eating from the same pile of hay. Sherlock was a bit stocked up, small scrape over right eye. Groomed, hand-sized area of rainrot on left buttock, probably where the blanket doesn't quite cover when he eats. Eqyss spray on that and on his heels. Storm coming, light rain/snow overnight but I had to leave him for the day before noon so no blanket.

Sherlock in the lead, Max and Annie
Friday Sherlock was browsing the weeds with Max and Annie when I arrived and came galloping when called. No bites, only a slight shiver or two, and half covered in mud. More snow coming so I'll stop in tonight with the blanket.

Friday night blanketed Sherlock- he was cold and hiding out in the shelter. Protective of me when he knew I had cookies. Carrot stretches, then went for a walk to the far end of the paddock, with the others following along. Very windy, and a tumbleweed spooked them and they ran off. Sherlock stayed with me, but when the others circled back then ran off again, I unclipped the lead and let Sherlock run with them. After they all watched me pull up and release some more tumbleweeds everyone calmed down and I took Sherlock's halter off and headed home.

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