Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15-getting colder

The weather is changing! Leaves are falling and it's starting to hit freezing at night. My health has been a bit troublesome with the back still healing up from the bruised tailbone thing, and blood pressure testing very well with a spike due to pain, I think. Got my new birthday phone!

Thursday Sherlock was sound in the paddock. Less psyllium in the feed and added the BL-Solution, which is a sweet liquid. Much more palatable- he was eager to eat it. Some small bite marks on both his and Max's necks.

Friday a new horse appeared in the paddock, a blaze-faced chestnut with a bandaged foot. Fed Sherlock in the paddock, psyllium / BL-Solution. A lot of shedding blade work, that old hair is coming off for the winter coat to come in. Cleaned all 4 feet, excellent behavior, thrush treatment applied. Weight-taped 902#.

Saturday Sherlock was grazing in the weeds with the new chestnut. Hope he's making a friend. Fed with psyllium and BL added. Brushed, cleaned and thrush treated and stretched all feet.

Sunday groomed at paddock, looped rope over fence of single paddock to clean feet, which worked out very well. Walked all around shop area and barn, through big puddle, then hand-grazed. Turns on forehand for stretches to hind legs. Feed w/psyllium and BL. Nice day, talked w/ stable daughter C about first horses.

Monday I was sick. Brushed and feed w/BL and CoolCalories. Everyone looks good, Sherlock was dry and not cold.

Tuesday I was sick.  Brushed and feed w/BL and CoolCalories.Sherlock is really starting to get fuzzy at last. Stable Manager M said he was galloping before feeding time and bucking and rearing up. I said "Good!" I'm glad he's getting some energy up and feeling good enough for pasture antics. Thank you, BL-Solution, Cassandra and Dr. Deb.  Dr Deb again on Thursday, we'll see if he looks better to her, too.

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