Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27- Ride #13

Sherlock with Max peeking over
Sherlock is doing great and looking very healthy. Finished the tube of GastroGuard with bran mashes or soaked pellets. Grooming with the magnetic currycomb.

Tuesday I groomed in the barn, put on Sherlock's bridle and Western saddle, and we went to the indoor arena. Free-longed walk/trot with a nice rhythm but not as comfortable with the footing once I got on. Rode about 10 minutes at the walk, some good stretchy walk, good steering, turns on the haunches and a back up today.

Busy working but saw Sherlock every day, fed and checked his gums with the help of mints or other treats. Flies came back on Friday and I got the flyspray out again. These late-season flies really bite. A little food-protective, when he usually counts on me to have the dressage whip out to keep the ponies out of the bucket.

Saturday trying to get some good works in and extra water into the horse as another cold/rain front is moving in. Round pen groomed, cleaned all 4 feet and hoof toughener applied. Stretched all 4. Some edema on the belly. Free longed, walk/trot/canter, relaxed and looked perfectly sound. I'm good at teaching horses to come to a flat stop after the canter. Need to learn how to teach them to continue cantering... Probably in the voice, with Sherlock learning it so quickly.

Sunday Sherlock was still eating breakfast when I arrived. Thorough grooming, cleaned feet, conditioner everywhere, thinned and pulled his mane a bit. Fed soaked pellets, a little too soggy and half of it came home on my clothes. Sherlock is starting to get shaggy at last.
Max and Sherlock- no ribs showing!

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