Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9- Ride #11

Riding indoors!
Saturday we had a great day- Sherlock had a just super attitude, willing and cheerful. Cross-tied in the barn, great for all his feet, stretched all four. Free longed in round pen, still very stiff, is it the RF or the hips?

Sunday rode Western indoors- for use of cushion for my bruised tailbone. Great  for grooming at cross-ties. Anxious at mounting block but settled. Walked well,  slow but calm. Liked watching out both doors, but walked on leg pressure. E had Fifi out and was kind enough to take our picture!

Monday I was really stiff aftert the chiropractor so just groomed in the paddock, cleaned his front hooves which are a little thrushy, put lotion on all the old scratches and his spot of rainrot. I did some massage work and really saw some changes in his hip muscles. started psyllium in his feed for the week, he didn't like it much but ate it all.

Tuesday I had little time before work so fed with the psyllium, and gave lots of pets. Sherlock looked a little stocked up both hinds. Luna was with me and dicovered the jolly ball (like a soccer ball with a handle), so I kicked it for her as we checked the fenceline. Horses didn't really care about that.

Sherlock, Annie and Max
Wednesday Sherlock was quite stocked up and stiff. Went to the barn for cross-ties, good for all feet, and I put the Easyboots on both fronts. Went for a long handwalk, around the new jumps in the outdoor arena, then back out to the hay barn, had grain+psyllium at the grain trailer. He tried to get in twice! Silly guy. Took him back to his paddock and took off the boots, then did carrot stretches. He wasn't too keen on the cookies today. Clearly a bit uncomfortable today and doesn't like the psylium. I have BL Solution to start him on for the soreness, I guess I can start tomorrow.

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