Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21- Ride #12, Health care

Another extremely busy crazy week!
Thursday I went out early ro ride before Sherlock's chiropractor appointment. Groomed him in the barn, which was all closed up with heaters on. He was a bit nervous but good for grooming and Easyboots. He seemed a bit sore in the back, I put the Western saddle up but didn't bridle as I thought I might just longe. him. Went out to outdoor arena and led over poles, some lunging but he seemed low-energy. I got on with just the rope halter and walked just a few minutes, over the poles and a crossrail.  Pretty good steering with the rope halter, moving well off the leg. I fed him and put him away as Dr. Deb was running late and ran home for lunch. 930#, same as the day I got him!

Dr. Deb came to adjust him, I woke him up from a nap in the shelter and back to the warm but dark barn. Much improved this visit. Still could use more massage across his back on the right, and his left hip- but his neck really improved and he let her stretch all his legs with no complaint! In fact, I thought he might be a little TOO good. He did let off a lot of gas, which is often normal, but it seemed odd when paired with him lying down. I put him away again but decided to come back and recheck after work. I also called to see if I had any Banamine still on prescription, and I went and got a tube.

After work, Sherlock was lying down again and didn't get up when I came in and put his halter on. I gave him some Banamine and THEN he wanted to get up and escape. Checked vitals, nothing obvious- lots of gut noise, lots of gas. Blanketed for the cold night coming. Called the stable manager to call me if Sherlock didn't come right up for dinner. No call, and I rechecked him at 9 p.m., he was pacing a bit, a bit hot under the blanket but eating and bright.

Friday morning I went out first thing, and Sherlock was eating but his belly was sore to the touch and he was grinding his teeth. Called Dr. Dave and gave Sherlock more Banamine. Took Sherlock into the indoor arena with a wheelbarrow full of hay and let him eat while we waited. Dr. Dave liked him right away and said Sherlock belongs in the house. Sherlock's gums were red and he was just a bit feverish. Checked for sand but nothing there. Gave him some meds and took blood to check for larger infection issues. Took a very light lip rope well for taking oral meds. Loves to have eyes rubbed. Dr. Dave said Sherlock seems like he really wants to trust people but is still defensive. Biosponge in bran mash at 11:00, put him away and ran off to work.
Friday after work he was alert but calm, looking good. Gave him a  bit of grain.

Saturday Sherlock was galloping and yelling for breakfast when I arrived. Didn't want bran mash with GastroGuard, so I took him to the round pen to eat it. Head shy about his mouth- a bit sick of medicines. Solving that with mints.

Sunday back to the round pen, groomed with new magnetic massage/curry mitt. Sherlock was nervous about that, still tense in the belly, but did ok. Cleaned his feet. GastroGuard bran mash with mints crushed up a bit hit.

And Monday! Checked his gums and belly, both normal. Gave him 1/2 the amount of grain with BL solution, getting back to normal.

Humans are so untrustworthy, I don't know how most horses handle it. Even your most beloved friend can turn on you and give you medications one day. Sad state of affairs. Sherlock is still a little nervous about his mouth but I have a trick up my sleeve for that, a dose or two of applesuace can help that out right quick.

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