Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14 - Delays for Daren

June 14 -Delays for Daren

The storms back East and fires in Colorado Springs have delayed horse transport. Instead of getting picked up today, Daren is still waiting. The van leaves Colorado on Tuesday, so I expect that's about a week behind.  I am waiting as patiently as kids in line at the ice cream shop.

In the meantime I'm working on finding his win photo from Pimlico, and I have found the video of his win on YouTube! Sorry I can't embed it here.

Weather is beautiful here and cooling down a little. Thankfully the ranch is out of mountain wildfire range and plains fires are rare. Looking for a bit more freelance/part-time work so new horse expenses like vaccinations will be easier. We have skunk rabies in north Boulder and in Berthoud, so horses must have rabies vax immediately.

Good lesson with Reggae. Just walk/trot since his feet are getting worked on, but turning better with more balance and able to relax my back better. Shoulders stiff but at least they are holding position better.

Time for chores before work, updates as they come.

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