Friday, June 7, 2013

June 8- moving Daren

June 8- moving Daren

Great news! I have a Bill of Sale for Daren and am getting his shipping papers together! I hope he can get picked up at in WV on June 14th.

I am super happy! Just having a great day. Now down to Kinko's to fax the form for shipping, maybe stop in at the cheese shop on the way back.
G and I saw Sting at Red Rocks- wonderful night, awesome music and a grand assault on the leg muscles. Today slept in a bit and had a very good lesson with Reggae. He is still getting used to having no shoes but rode well. Having some very nice light stop-backs when paying attention.

 G apparently watched too much Bewitched as a child and is traumatized by the name Darren, so we will be coming up with a different barn name. My mother is great at finding names that sound same as the old one to the dog's ear but fit better with the person's sensibilities. Years at a vet clinic will give you this training! She suggests Baron. G is leaning towards Odin. I like Balerion, the Black Dread- just kidding. A suggests a dragon name might be best, though perhaps not Balerion.

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