Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18- about training

June 18- about training

News from the shipper is that they will pick Daren up tomorrow.  I hope S will take pics so I have something to hold on to as I worry ceaselessly until he arrives. Time to buy vaccinations so I'm ready to give them as soon as he relaxes a bit in the new place.

In the meantime, more of what the new guy has to expect. Here are the two videos my trainer Jo did this spring for Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Both were filmed at the DC Ranch.
Back in the Saddle, for fearful riders, and Balance, Center and Connect for more advanced riders.

I really enjoyed reading Beyond the Track, and I am now reading Right from the Start, both about training and re-training. Now I have a clue about how racehorses train in their everyday lives.

Sometimes it seems that collecting and using all this information at once when faced with the horse himself will be really difficult. But trust and respect are closely related, and as I show my horse that I can be trusted, the rest will begin to fall together. Then more techniques and exercises will help us understand each other better and find our path to our purpose.

I hope to jump at some small shows, do hunter paces with my friends (from my old barn PVF and hopefully some new friends too?), some Mounted Archery, and eventually join the Arapahoe Hunt. If jumping is hard or uninteresting for him, I also love trail riding, and have trainers on site for barrel racing and Mounted Shooting

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