Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26- Testing

Yesterday and today Daren has been finding out where I stand on things that are important to him. Does the person really NEED my hoof held up? Is she standing where I expect her to be? Is there food in that rotten bucket this time? Are bits required?

We did have a small argument over the right hind foot, we both wanted to choose when it was clean enough to put back on the ground. I think we have determined that decision is up to me, we'll find out more tomorrow.

He expects me to be on the left side. I've been pushing this boundary by doing haunches and shoulder stepovers from both sides. I can now spin him to the right by walking a circle that direction- he really wants me to be in that blind spot and will turn pretty quick to keep me there.

As for the disappointing aqua bucket, it had a stack of bits and a bottle of molasses in it. He flung it across the corral! He's having a lot of fun picking up his feed tub as well, there was magic mixture all over the front of the corral. Less on his coat today, due to fly spray application improvements.

And then the bits. I had 2 rubber covered roller bits, both of which were too small. And a roller Myler D-ring and a fancier egg butt. I didn't get to the eggbutt as the Myler looked like a nice fit, though I want to look up their site again and see the fitting notes. I put on his new blue halter-bridle and switched through the first 3 bits. He stuck his nose right up and backed away, but I just stayed patient and kept asking, and every bit it took less time arguing. I stopped with the Myler since it looked like a good fit. Might try the eggbutt tomorrow.

Then we walked the grounds again, adding the road on the far side of the arena to the tour, and found a handy puddle to cross. Still stopping to look a bit, esp. at the buffalo lying down. I'm using these times to introduce "stand". And we worked a little on the "head down" command which was so often useful with Sirah. Took off the bit and bridle very politely.

I feel like he may be Joker. G feels this is a negative name, maybe especially in Colorado due to the Batman movie shooting. I think it's a bit common but as good name for a playful fellow who needs a stall ball or a cone to play with. I might try harder with the name Kona tomorrow and see how it sticks.

Called the brand inspector in the RIGHT county this time...

Tomorrow's plan is to have a groundwork lesson with Jo, work on sidedness and introduction to the arena and all the scary things within. Ground poles, barrels, pole bending poles, etc.

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