Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 27- Lesson One

Groundwork lesson today with Jo. Daren was super about fly spray and still a bit argumentative over the right hind. Can't wait to get those hind shoes off.

Tried some leading with a person on each side, he handled that and improved with leading on the wrong side. Walked up the road on the far side of the arena and had some trouble, worked on whoa and back. If I can show patience he shows willingness to try again. His whoa is not really good, but a lot of Buck Brannaman videos have got me turning him and untracking the hind end to get him stopped. Tomorrow I take the rope halters and see which one fits for more control.

Settled really nicely and faced a tarp-covered box very calmly. Then we headed for the arena. He again didn't like the round pen gate, so I opened the side again. Let him roll and charge around, he got some good bucks out and galloped a few minutes.  Decided to get him stopped before he was too sweated up, so I stepped in to catch him as Jo pulled a peppermint from her pocket. He heard the wrapper and came cheerfully up to gobble down the candy.

Walked him cool a bit, working from both sides, stepping back into lunging position sometimes. Cooled well, came out the round pen gate no problem, then didn't want to go back in his corral. I think he likes the attention when he stops- must be sure to coach more on the gates with no audience. I think he needs more experience with being driven from behind rather than pulling from the front. But a rope halter also gives pulling a different feel.

Dressage whip tomorrow for pre-lunging. Packing list: Peppermint candies, dressage whip, rope halter and popper-end lead rope.

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