Friday, May 10, 2013

April- Abbodon and Empire Pass

April- Abbodon and Empire Pass

So, in April I started exploring CANTER more seriously, and while I talked to a couple owners on the phone nothing really came together.
My friend Billie went to the city to look at a few horses and ended up bringing back the sick one (so familiar, nurturers unite!) who she renamed Abbodon, since he came out of the abyss. He was colicking and beginning to founder. Within a few weeks he started putting on weight and walking, so wish the big guy luck.

Abbodon at PVF indoor. Already looking better!

I was thinking about going to see a horse called Great Thor, terrific name! Since G and I were going to NC to see his folks it would be on the way to the airport. I had pencilled in a visit with Lisa and Thor at Turning for Home.

Toward the end of the month I then found Gate to Great, and through talking to them found they were bringing a load of OTTB horses from Ohio, and had a space in the trailer. The owner had died and his son was wanting to reduce overhead. So I had 3 horses to choose from, and I picked Empire Pass.
I spoke with the son and he didn't know much about any of the horses but described this gelding as "easy to handle, no trouble". Sounds good to me.

Empire Pass, hopeful prospect.

I found Empire Pass's birthdate and breeder and ran an match on him. I've just started using this tool as a hint for compatability. He seemed like a nice fit, esp with Jupiter opposing Ascendant which should help us think alike and understand each other. This is one of the keys matches I had with my soul-horse, Lissa.

The much-missed Lissa.
On April 24th, almost Empire Pass's birthday, I agreed that he would be my choice and would come to South Dakota with the Gate to Great geldings, and then I would rent or but a trailer and pick him up. I was still a bit nervous since the owner wouldn't let me send him a deposit or anything. But I hoped that it all would come together.

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