Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10- Empire Pass

May- Empire Pass

I was worrying about Empire Pass's back. I called the horse chiroprator who used to work at Bipolar Acres (real name changed), and talked to her, and then found a great article about a jumper, who in the photos has exactly the same roach back. So I stopped worrying.

On Facebook, OTTB Connect asked for owners of TBs descended from Kentucky Derby winners to send in pics. So I sent them Empire Pass's photo- he's a grandson of Sunny's Halo. Soon some one from CANTER Ohio contacted me with more info about the day they took that photo. I was keen to hear anything about his personality and how the horses were kept so I could plan better. This super-sweet gal sent me a short video of EP trotting in the turnout ring, super smooth and calm. She really wanted him but didn't have space, and described him and the mare there, Shiny Bird, as very friendly.

G and I went to OBX for vacation. I showed off the pics and video and got my hopes up. We went to see the wild horses on Corolla, which were very nice-looking small shaggy horses.

Wild horses on Corolla, Outer Banks

I made an appointment to get trailer wiring and brakes put in my truck. We came home exhausted but ready to get a little recovery time and then drive to South Dakota.

Then Gate to Great posted on FB that they had room in the trailer coming from Ohio. I messaged them wondering if my horse was still slated to come. Friday morning I found out that the bereaved son had sold all 6 horses to someone locally who promised to find them all good homes. Couldn't wait one more week. Gate to Great had already paid for the shipper, but I hadn't paid my part. H was getting horses shipped from Lexington, KY if I could buy one in one day. I did look at CANTER KY and Craigslist for Lexington but wasn't inspired to make such a commitment.

I went to the shop and left my truck, then adjourned to a coffee shop. I started to wonder if I could find Empire Pass. CANTER Ohio people suggested the local killer auction, Sugar Creek. I called them but wasn't able to get any help. No one has time to go search through the doomed horses looking for an axe-shaped blaze. I contacted a rescue that sometimes goes to Sugar Creek and posted on FB looking for someone willing to go out and look for Empire Pass and his 5 stablemates.
Now I'm waiting. Sugar Creek auctions tonight, Friday night. If the horses are not there, they may be on their way to New Holland auction in PA. They also auction on Friday so perhaps these 6 have another week. Or maybe the person who picked them up is a trainer and they are all perfectly safe. But I would like to know. I still want Empire Pass if I can find him. I will buy him from whoever has him, no questions asked.

Empire Pass- where are you?

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