Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15- Mr With it and LightspeedtoEndor

May 15- Mr With it and LightspeedtoEndor

“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”--Winston Churchill

With these inspiring words in mind I await the call from the broker, who said today was the probable last hope for the 6 OTTBs including Empire Pass. I am seriously updating my will to include provisions for all my animals so my heirs whoever they might be will know my wishes and care for my beasties.

I  (long pause) am not sure I really feel like going forward searching for a new horse. But I am going through the motions, e-mailing some people, collecting phone #s.
Gate to Great has one nice affordable gelding they have not started training yet, Mr. With It. He goes into training in 2 weeks, so I have a time limit. He's very green, and his astrological chart suggests he'd be a spookier type of horse.
Mr. With It on arrival in SD last fall

And I found out LightspeedtoEndor is for sale. He's a bit older at 14, but I remember him from an article about Western riding TBs, which article I thought was on, but I can't find it right now. Perhaps it was on The Paulick Report.  I would really like a black gelding above all things. And he is in Colorado, even if it's quite a drive from me.

LightspeedtoEndor at the Colorado ranch

Aha- I seem to have a guest. A significant jumping spider has found his way in through the cats' window and seems to be in agreement with them that my desk is the best place to hang out. He's too big for a dime but would probably fit on a nickel. Black with grey stripes, very handsome. Where is my phone? Must still be up in the kitchen charging- darn, no picture.

Okay, time to walk the dog and get ready for grocery shopping and work. Must hit the bead store for beads and string for a protection bracelet for my friend M who is having surgery on her broken heel. Can't find my bead stuff yet in the garage, where everything form the move is still piled high.

What success! Got cats in and the spider out, after  he came right down my monitor to be collected on the track list for Jack Kornfield's audio program.

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