Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20- Our Medalist

May 20- Our Medalist

Our Medalist being ridden by volunteers at New Holland Auction, PA

OK, I am researching this slightly skinny but sound fellow who is at New Holland being brokered through AC4H . Now that I have some expereince with their system through sponsoring New Reigels Joy (see earlier blog post) I hope maybe this one will come together.

I feel kind of stupid doing this at all as the Arapahoe Park meet starts this coming weekend and there are sure to be cheap horses here in Colorado sometime soon. The CANTER CO site is listing almost nothing but horses from the trainer Billie got Abbodon from, and I don't want to go there since he was in such deadly-terrible shape.

Billie and Abbodon

But if the numbers match up I'll try it. This horse is $600 plus $80 vetting plus a health certificate form somehow. I've set up a job at and if I can get a good price for shipping I'll go for it. I have all week to decide on this guy before the auction.

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