Thursday, May 9, 2013

March- New Riegels Joy

March- New Riegels Joy

If I had written a diary about Sirah, her choke episodes and subsequent retirement. it would have been shakily scribbled on the backs of vet bills, stained with tears and blood, and needing to be disinfected. And who wants to try to read that?

I was so burned out I imagined I'd spend the summer leasing one of Jo's horses, perhaps doing a 3-day lease with 3 different horses for the experience. I did ride Reggae, Sugarfoot and Lucky with this in mind but it never came together. Mostly due to the vet bills issue. CSU vet hospital is pretty serious about getting paid on the spot- which is my only complaint, the vets there were awesome and saved Sirah's life.

But in March I started using Facebook to watch auction horse rescue sites. And I ended up sending the money for a STB mare, New Riegels Joy, to be rescued, before I had really figured out what the cost would be to bring her from NJ to Colorado. Turns out another rescuer was interested so I paid the "bail" for the horse to get out of the killer's pen and she adopted the horse.

New Riegels Joy, I hope you are safe in your forever home

$580 and I don't even have the horse. What is going on in my head? Luckily I have the best husband in the world and he saw this madness as the need for a horse gaining ground faster than expected.

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