Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11- still no Empire Pass

May- still no Empire Pass

Nothing happening today. I got up early and created a Dayton, Ohio Craigslist ad with EP's picture offering a reward and a slated price I'd like to pay.

From some FB advice I was ready to call Sugar Creek again and try to get the owner on the phone. But I contacted ACE Rescue in Ohio but they told me TBs don't usually go through the auction. They are housed at the broker's and then either dragged to another auction where the buyer fills his trailer, or shipped straught to the slaughterhouse. My hopes are getting very low.

I did get with NetPosse and file a report, citing a verbal agreement and asking to purchase the horse. I wasn't entirely sure it would pass muster, not knowing the verbal contract laws in Ohio, but it seems to have.

I'm going to call again and see if the ex-horse owner will give me the recipient's name and #.
Without it I'm out of options unless he appears at another sale or a rescue finds him at the plant.

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