Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13- searching for Empire Pass

May 13- searching for Empire Pass

Empire Pass is also the name of a mountain pass in Colorado, on I-70 near Georgetown. You can probably guess which one I think is more beautiful.

Okay, so I was able to reach the son of the trainer. But he couldn't recall who he'd sold the horses to.
Having gone through the death of my father Christmas of 2011, and my sister's subsequent family-rending breakdown, I know that this is a terrible time to be tracking stupid meaningless stuff like anything that has to do with anything but your father.

So I started asking the local rescues about the brokers. I was able to get the biggest local broker on the phone, who everyone says knows the area very well, and he was very nice and agreed to look for Empire Pass and sell him to me if he found him. The price has gone up from free, and shipping is still looming. But I really still want my horse.

Weeded the whole front yard, planted some veggies in our little garden patch, and went for a nice hike at Chatauqua with G and A and Luna the dog. Nervous energy made good.

Good wishes from my trainer and drumming friends. I guess today I need to tell my mother. Happy Mother's Day, sorry I'm really stressed.

I was hoping to enjoy a few more years perhaps, of not crying into my breakfast. Still hopeful those days will return. No matter what happens, I have done all I could afford to do. I have not given up, and I still hold out hope that all 6 may be found safe.

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