Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24- Washington 9

May 24-Washington 9

Today I am very sore from my riding lesson. Reggae stumbled and threw a shoe, and though we stayed upright and together it was quite a jolt. After the lesson I got to demonstrate my shoe-pulling technique. I think the shoulder/hip soreness I have today is more related to the farriery than the riding. But it was nice to have a balance test and pass it.

I am finished with my ulcer meds and now just have to slowly work normal foods back in and see what I can handle and what I can't. Luckily chocolate was never on the forbidden list. But having any painkiller at all off limits has been tough. Still looking at ads and auctions, Arapahoe Park racemeet starts this weekend and maybe we'll get to go if our own straw-bale carrot garden, and The Great Hollyhock Apocalypse at A's house go well.

G recalls his "best bet" of last year was a Grey QH filly wearing blinkers for the first time- fast workouts but nothing in her first couple races. And as she came down the stretch in last place, watching the cheering crowd all the way, we tore up our tickets and predicted a fine career where curiosity would be a plus and not a minus. Parade horse, perhaps.

Ok, after work I had a message from CANTER CO, and I'm going to Arapahoe Park to meet them and talk about doing some volunteer work.

And the bridge collapse in Washington did 9 horses some good. The kill buyer couldn't get around the downed bridge and sold his load of horses to Rolling Bay Rescue.  7 Tbs and 2 Appies looking for new homes now. LINK to Pictures and video. I'm waiting on more info on the 2yo TB gelding or the younger-looking Appy mare to see if I'll try for one of them. They actually have several nice-looking OTTBs, so if the prices stay in my range including $700 shipping maybe this is my breakthrough.

Two of the rescued TBs. I think the starred one is the gelding.

I love in the book Chosen by A Horse, Susan goes to rescue a STB mare, but a different one strolls into her trailer and she takes that mare instead, making a profound friend. I hope I can be as flexible when fate calls.

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