Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27- Motor Inn

Great long weekend- went to Arapahoe park on Saturday, talked to CANTER Colorado folks about some possible volunteering. Then watched a bunch of races and broke even as usual.

We did meet a gentleman watching the saddling paddock who used to train racehorses, watching his father and sister saddle their runners. He was super-nice and even helped me get deeper understanding of the racing form. Picked a decent winner after his coaching. Anyway, he still has several retired racers, so I gave him my card just in case he wants to cut back a bit. Not too hopeful but it was a nice to talk to a nice horse person.
I also wrote down some local owners so I can call later, one has horses for sale on their website but I know they are racing today so I'll call during the week. I took no photos unfortunately.

Gaming day with G and A yesterday- I GM'ed one of our Jedi campaigns. We ate a ton of chocolate and my favorite pistachios and G rotisseried a beef roast. Heavenly.

And then this morning a friend from the old stable sent this picture around:
Motor Inn, STB gelding in Ohio

Motor Inn fits my criteria- young and jumpable. He's affordable even with shipping (if my estimates are accurate) and he has such a soft and willing look. So I filled out a very long adoption form for New Vocations and sent it in. I don't know if my affordable Western-style stable will pass muster, but I have looked up a couple stables with pasture close to me just in case. Funny name but he could be Motor- like one of the Culver jumpers Kim rode.

It seems that the rescue route is difficult due to the caution rescues need to take in placing their animals. Getting Luna from Colorado Aussie Rescue was pretty difficult even though we are great caretakers- just ask all our happily spoiled animals.

But buying from an auction or private owner, even, has its risks. At auction you know only what you can find out for yourself about the horse, and a private owner has plenty of reason to hold information back. Who's going to buy a biter who also tends to colic and can't have shoes on his hind feet? Well, me, if no one tells me those things. That was B.J., "that yellow bastard", the jumper, barrel racer and parade horse.

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