Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14- hope and loss

May 14- hope and loss

I really thought this blog would be about horses. I guess the ups and downs of horses are my life.

Still no gains on Empire Pass and his 5 stablemates. I have met some really wonderful people both in Ohio and Kentucky, and in Canada, who help horses and some who were lifesavers for OTTBS Canuki and Cactus Cafe.  I've been warned that the broker I'm talking to is the same one who said he hadn't seen these two when they were already halfway to a Canadian slaughterhouse. Some think the horses have a chance, some don't. I feel I'm falling to the despair side today.

I don't feel much up to looking at horses right now, but Gate to Great has a shipment from Lexington, and a local gal has horses coming from OK, so maybe next week I'll start looking more. I would still like to visit Gate to Great in South Dakota and go to the Custer Battlefield, where my great-grandfather survived the Reno Hill battle.

Freelance proofing today at Sounds True. Maybe more news later.

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