Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Backstory- Welcome to Candi's horse search

The Backstory

Hi, I'm Candi and I'm starting this blog to track my efforts in getting and training my new horse. I'm 40-something, 4 if you must know, living in Colorado, USA and riding mainly English, though that varies depending on situation and whim. I'm a beginner animal communicator and have been around animals all my life.

In February 2013, I retired my Arab mare Sirah, and sent her back to her breeder for retirement after several very scary episodes of choke. It seemed it would be a very long road back to riding and she really wanted to live out her days at pasture.

Thusly, I have been looking at horses online and wishing the right one would arrive magically at the perfect stable for me.

I have two choices of known stables- I was at PVF for years and like the people but the prices have been brutal with the hay shortage. My trainer Jo Belasco is at DC, which is a non-fancy place with minimal amenities, but is cheap and pretty close to home. There are plenty in the area, of course, but I think at first I'd like a stable that is familiar to me, since the horse will be new to it. Hard to say to your horse, "Oh we can go over there safely" if you don't know if it's true.

Sirah and I before choke problems.

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