Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30- the rest of the family

May 30- the rest of the family
And what will the new horse be getting into?  Here's the current lineup.

Candi and Grayson! We will celebrate our 20th anniversary this summer.  What else can I tell you about my favorite guy? We met in college, we are best friends, we got married, we are super happy. He's finished his first novel which I am expecting to be published any day now.  He loves animals despite his allergies. I love him even on my worst days when I honestly wonder about humanity in general. I am buoyed up by his intelligence and good humor on a daily basis.
Go read G's blog if you like!

Luna, our stunning 6yo aussie we got 5 years ago from CO Aussie Rescue. She has too much white, but can see and hear just fine. She's a total sweetheart who really wants to follow us everywhere. Even in my riding lessons. Smart and gorgeous, she's our supermodel dog. Loves the dog park, where she rounds up the labradoodles. Read Gray's blog about Luna!

Dante, our BIG cat, whom we got from our friend S, who fostered him for friends whose house burned down. Only 2 cats survived the fire. Dante is leery of strangers, breaks into food bags and snores like a freight train, but other than that seems to have no lingering troubles. The lap cat, he can be summoned from anywhere in the house by the cry of "Movie time!" or "Kickoff!"

Ezio, MY polydactyl kitten. He is a darling little crazy thing. He only wants attention when he wants it, despite the outcries of his many fans. Picked from a roomful of semi-feral kittens in Fort Morgan, CO. He is expert at keeping the towels in line and still announces acceleration with a strange "vroom-vroom" purr sound.

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