Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 28- I can't hear you

May 28- I can't hear you

I'm ignoring everything today. Bad ulcer flareup last night. G is home with me today napping and watching the rain. Really sweet of him to take the day off and help me with my errands that I was hoping to fill up my day with so I wouldn't dwell and get depressed. Still, I do appreciate it.

I'm giving myself a break today since, as you may have guessed, I have not purchased or adopted a horse. New Vocations, despite being a very nice group it seems, doesn't adopt their horses West of Kansas. Which is where I am.

Doing a bit of a study on sickle-hocks and why some horses stand that way- habit or a sign of pain and stiffness? One horse in CO stands sickle-hocked in all his pics. Do I go out there to see him and try to get him to stand up straight? Ask for more pics?

Guess I will call some TB breeders tomorrow if I'm not heads-down listening to dream yoga instruction. Feeling very tired and cowardly and don't want to talk to anyone. So don't talk to me 'cause I can't hear you.

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